PT Sillo Maritime Perdana Tbk

Sector : Energy
The City Tower Building, Lt. 6, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 81, Jakarta 10310
(62-21) 31996196
5 (0,82%)
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Open 610
Previous Close 610
Bid 610
Day high 620
Day Low 605
Value 0.4 B
Volume 6620
Frequency 90
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All on Singapore cruise ship confined to cabins after suspected COVID-19 case
English | 14 Juli 2021
A Genting Cruise Lines' ship has returned to Singapore after a passenger was suspected of having contracted COVID-19.
Japan says to ship 1.1 million more AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines to Taiwan
English | 06 Juli 2021
Japan will ship about 1.1 million more doses of AstraZeneca Plc's COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan.
Bentuk usaha patungan, Sillo Maritime (SHIP) kucurkan dana Rp 6,25 miliar
Investasi | 04 Mei 2021
PT Sillo Maritime Perdana Tbk (SHIP) membentuk usaha patungan.
Oil slumps as Suez Canal container ship starts to move
English | 29 Maret 2021
Oil slumped more than 2% after news from the Suez Canal that salvage crews have managed to move the giant container ship.
Diggers and dredgers struggle to free ship blocking Suez Canal
English | 29 Maret 2021
Suez Canal salvage teams intensified excavation and dredging around a massive container ship blocking the busy waterway.
Sillo Maritime Perdana (SHIP) terus berupaya peroleh kontrak baru pada 2021
Industri | 15 Februari 2021
PT Sillo Maritime Perdana Tbk (SHIP) terus berupaya untuk memperoleh kontrak anyar pada tahun ini.
Sillo Maritime Perdana (SHIP) gencar membidik kontrak baru
Investasi | 14 Februari 2021
PT Sillo Maritime Perdana Tbk (SHIP) terus berupaya untuk memperoleh kontrak anyar pada tahun ini.
Passengers confined to cabins after Singapore cruise ship detects Covid-19
English | 09 Desember 2020
Hundreds of passengers on a Royal Caribbean from Singapore were told to stay in their cabins until contact tracing was complete.
Sillo Maritime (SHIP) beli lima armada baru hingga November 2020
Investasi | 20 November 2020
Dengan pembelian armada baru tersebut, Sillo Maritime (SHIP) mempunyai total 20 armada.
Sillo Maritime Perdana (SHIP) membeli kapal tanker baru senilai US$ 18,5 juta
Investasi | 18 November 2020
Lewat anak usahanya, Sillo Maritime Perdana (SHIP) membeli oil kapal tanker senilai US$ 18,5 juta.
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